International publié le 27/04/2020

Covid-19: Protecting the population, rising to the challenges of the crisis


On the basis of this first contribution from our party, we are launching an appeal.

We call on all citizens and all associations, trade unions, forces of the left and environmental movements, mobilised by the gravity of the public health and economic situation and in favour of a new kind of development that sets human beings and the earth before profits, and our message is: let us take care of one another and join in common cause throughout the country.

Let us begin now by creating solidarity networks, by keeping watch over respect for basic human rights and fighting inequality in this time of crisis.

Let us work together to develop and implement the most effective strategies for putting an end to this epidemic.

Let us share our ideas for the change we want, the France we want, the society that we want to live in.Let us begin now, together, to bring these aspirations to life.